Tips For A Vintage Home Decor

Tips For A Vintage Home Decor

One of the most popular styles of home decor right now is the vintage theme. This style encompasses both old time traditional elegance mixed with sometimes unusual and rustic furnishings. While this style can be costly, you can save by carefully choosing pieces that balance each other. The great joy found in the vintage style is that it easily becomes a totally unique look that is entirely yours.

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WALLPAPER: Since the vintage style is designed to draw the eye to a specific focal point to enhance the theme of your decor, the choice of wallpaper is very important. You can quite easily lay the foundation of your theme by backing up your furnishings with a patterned wallpaper, Whether floral, geometric, or even a discrete animal print, the wallpaper is a great way to insert color to the room and lay the foundation for all that it contains.

FURNITURE: While vintage style tends to give a rustic look to your home, it is most enhanced by exposed brickwork or even some wooden beams crossing the ceiling. If you are unlucky enough to have none of these elements in your home, you will have to improvise the look with such things as wooden bookshelves, wooden plaques, or even heavy wooden framed furnishings. Make sure to add subtle touches to the accessories around these pieces so they can stand out from the background. With the darker elements of wood, you will want to balance this with lots of light in the room.

MIRRORS: Mirrors are an essential part of the vintage style. Two types of mirror frames especially fit the vintage look. Depending on the rest of your furnishings, an elaborate heavy frame with lots of detailing and ornamentation or a simple frame of distressed wood or pale colors can fit right in. Be sure to place your mirrors where they will increase the light in the room.

ACCESSORIES: The subtle little touches you add to the room are what will make or break your decor. Anything from the color and texture of the fabric on the furniture to the lamp shades or even something as simple as the coffee or tea cups you use to serve guests with can add that perfect vintage look.

You do not have to know all of the elements right off. This design can evolve over time. it can be easily modified, added to or clashing items removed. Over time, yo can grow your vintage decor into an award-winning statement of your decorating expertise.

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