The Importance of the Proper Picture Frame

The Importance of the Proper Picture Frame

It is an undeniable fact that a person’s home decor reflects their inner personality. Regardless of whether it is a simple, aesthetic motif, an artistic display, or even a bizarre and outlandish decor, it does reveal the inner you. There is nowhere better than in the artwork you display to express your favorite aspects of life. But still, without a proper frame, these important images cannot be revealed in their best light.

Regardless of whether your picture is hung on the wall or placed on your desk or dresser, a poorly framed picture diminishes the personal statement you are making by its inclusion in the room’s dĂ©cor.

Take the example of an original painting or maybe the photograph of an important life-changing event. Which frame best shows it’s worth to you; a cheap plastic frame or a wooden, carved frame to outline and highlight it? Obviously, a unique or outstanding frame will convey the worth of the picture better than some mass-produced picture holder that looks the same as a thousand others in the neighborhood.

A custom frame can be any size. It can be a stand-alone picture or be a joined grouping of several differently sized frames that hold a grouping of related topics.

An excellent way to show how important your pictures are is to invest some time, thought, and money in designing and creating a custom picture frame. Whether you go to a professional frame shop or have the talent and means to create your own, be sure that your design fits with the overall theme of your home’s decor. However fancy, if the frame ultimately clashes with the room, you will lose the element of importance and diminish the effect.

Be sure to get the size, color, and thickness to fit with other pieces of furniture in the room. The most common method of balancing colors is through the matting around the picture.

Forgoing the earlier mentioned cheap plastic, the preferred materials for picture frames are metal and wood. Both can be colored any way needed to compliment the picture within and the room decor without. As for ornamentation, metal can be etched and wood can be carved. These decorations also need to balanced as to size considering the total frame size.

Now is the time to take a new look at your pictures and try to revitalize your home environment by giving your important images an enhanced place in your view.