Simple Home Redecorating Tips

Simple Home Redecorating Tips

Redecorating your home does not have to be an expensive, time consuming trial. Sometimes a room can be renewed by simply replacing one piece of furniture and rearranging it all into a new configuration. Sometimes just new paint or wallpaper and a change of curtains or drapes can give new life and feeling to a room. There are a few areas where a small change can give huge benefits.

BOLD PRINTS: Often a room can be enlivened with the careful addition of some bold colors and fabrics. These can take place in the wallpaper, in framed pictures, or in the addition of a chair. Even otherwise neutral colored furniture like a couch can be emboldened with a few black and white printed cushions so that a color clash doesn’t occur.

MIRRORS: Mirrors can enhance the beauty and depth of any room in your house. Whether in a living room, hallway, bedroom, den, or even kitchen, a well-placed mirror can lend itself to more light and even the illusion of greater space. Making sure the frame is complimentary to the rest of the room’s decor can provide the perfect accent.

CURTAINS: Another inexpensive way to give an entirely new look to a room is to replace old curtains or drapes with newer, more modern looking window dressing. Replacing one type of window treatment with a different one, such as drapes replaced by curtains, will instantly provide a new look. Even small windows can be given the illusion of greater size by covering them with over-sized curtains, thus making it seem the whole window is actually just the lower half of a much larger aperture.

LIGHTS: Just by adding a few specialized lights to throw spots of brightness on certain aspects of the room can also make it look very different. Tube lights behind furniture can give a soft glow. Spots on artwork or the window curtains can highlight central elements of the decor. By adding a dimmer switch to the lights of a room you can control the ambiance depending on mood or time of day.

Browsing home decor sites online can provide a wealth of ideas for turning your home into a personal masterpiece. Redecorating can be both fun and inexpensive by trying to find small ways to change the look. It can be a fulfilling exercise to find new accessories or arrangements that make your rooms seem new and fresh.

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