Popular Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Popular Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

First thing to address here is: Just what is a Modular Kitchen? A modular kitchen is a kitchen that is designed to to be more efficient and has all the amenities and appliances to make kitchen work and cooking a more pleasurable experience.

The list of appliances that are typical to a modular kitchen are as follows: dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer unit, flat top stove range with a smoke chimney and splatter guard to prevent smoke and grease damage to walls and ceiling from cooking. A microwave and slow cooker/roaster convection oven…amongst other items…that the home owner may wish to add into the design.

The microwave and slow cooker/roaster ovens are quite often attached to the underside of upper cupboards to save counter space and the flat top stove is designed for ease of cleaning without all the hassle of  burners having grease and liquids from cooking falling down into the traditional types of stove top burners and causing grease fires or having nasty buildup down underneath the stove top.

Often the modular kitchen will have an “island” which is a counter-top in the middle of the kitchen where the dishwasher is often housed.  It is also used as an additional work space or as a place for a single person, couple or a couple of friends to use as a table top for meals or just coffee and a chat.

The cabinets are usually designed to have pullout shelving for food and cooking pot and pans as well sliding partitions designed to hang utensils, such as ladles, large spoons, spatulas, etc. on hooks for ease of access and storage.

The refrigerator/freezer is often a side by side design with larger shelving and storage space in both the doors and main areas.  Often the fridge/freezer is nestled into a nook of a specially designed cabinet/drawer storage unit with the same sort of pull out shelving for storing various types of non-perishable foods and canned goods.

Finally, depending on personal preference, many modular kitchens will also have a type of coffee or tea maker installed beneath the upper cabinets in the same manner as the microwave and slow cooker/roaster convection ovens in order to save counter space and create a pleasing and over-all finished appearance to the entire kitchen.

For many people a modular kitchen is the ultimate in easy upkeep and beauty.  It gives a kitchen a sense of refinement and years of enjoyment.