Light - The Unseen Element in Home Decor

Light – The Unseen Element in Home Decor

All too often people forget to take light into consideration when designing a new home decor motif. While we cannot see light, we could see nothing without it! Increasingly, modern home improvement patterns are beginning to use light and its importance as a central element in making their plans for interior design work. Rather than just an overhead and a few lamps, the various methods of lighting are being incorporated to create dramatic effects.

The use of light to create specific moods is becoming an art form in interior design. While lighting needs to be functional, aspects of lighting are being used in places and in ways never before seen. Recessed lighting especially, while not in any way new, is being used so much more these days that it is beginning to outstrip other forms in interior design and exterior as well since it is increasingly used as a patio highlight.

Recessed lighting has become very popular. Not only is it being used to spotlight central objects in a room’s decor, but is also beginning to find it’s way onto the patio for a softer, less direct light source. Shown against a wall, recessed lighting provides more of a glow than a spot and gives a softer look to smooth over hard lines in furniture shelving, and accessories.

As accent lighting, recessed lights focus on the desired objects in a room without throwing everything else into shadow. Under cabinet lighting also gives a pleasant, indirect light that can be used for effect in your home decor.

Ceiling lighting comes in a number of varieties as well. Chandeliers provide options from a multitude of small lights to cast a diffuse glow to hanging prisms to reflect and refract the light into glistening points. Even a single hanging bulb light can be surrounded by a frosted glass shade that eliminates the glare potential from the bulb. Lamps run the gambit from standard sit-on-the-end table light sources to wall mounted spots that illuminate a favorite reading chair or breakfast nook. Coupled with a suitable shade, lamps can be interesting bits of the decor all on their own.

When planning your next home redecorating, take time to view the options at home improvement websites and let your imagination loose. Compare what is available with the furnishings and accessories of the room and you will be able to find ingenious ways to make that unseen light expose the full beauty of your personal space.