Wooden Decor Ideas

Inexpensive DIY Wooden Decor Ideas

A home is much more than just a building to live in. That house becomes a home when it becomes the sanctuary where you relax, entertain, raise a family, and find happiness within. It is in order to feel comfortable enough in your house to make it a home that the decor is so important.

With the decor of your home being so important to setting the tone you wish to present, careful thought should go into planning it. While there are many materials available for making furniture, wood has always been the go-to material for fine traditional furniture. Although wood can sometimes be expensive, there are options available that can cut the cost down to easily affordable levels. This option is to recycle various wood products into a do it yourself project to create your own unique furnishings.

Raw timber provides a number of advantages. It is readily available and generally inexpensive. Timber is easily adaptable to color change and is easy to work with. Plans and patterns for beautiful furniture products are readily available for sale so finding the right look for your furniture is also easy. Timber wood is rugged and long lasting so the investment can last a lifetime.

Another great place to find recyclable wood is in shipping pallets. They provide the wood to create shelves, storage cabinets, frames and other free standing items for your home. These pallets are even cheaper than new wood and depending on the country of origin, can be made of fine woods. With proper treatment, this wood can even be used for the primary living room furniture like couches and coffee tables.

Salvaging and reworking old wooden furniture pieces is another way to save money while personalizing your living space. An example would be turning an old wooden door into a new dinner table or end tables for your living room. While restoring the piece, it is easy to add unique personal touches to the work. New coloring or the addition of a shelf or storage space can bring about a deeply satisfying feeling about your work.

Even simple wooden planks can be incorporated into furniture in any room in your home. Plywood sheeting can be easily shaped and sanded to create nearly any look you can imagine. By using recovered and salvaged wood and doing the work yourself, your home will have a great unique look that can give you great pleasure through the pride of personal craftsmanship.