Creating Stylish and Safe Home Decor for Children

Creating Stylish and Safe Home Decor for Children

When trying to develop a stylish home decor with children present, parents often settle more for child-safe furniture and accessories than what they might otherwise prefer. It is true that safety should come first but that does not mean you must sacrifice style. Rugged furniture does not have to be plain looking just to survive the activities of young children.

Child-safe homes do not need to resemble daycare centers or a playroom. There are many creative ways to include style into your home decor that will not endanger children. It just takes a little extra effort to find the right combination of style and safety. Also remember that children can learn and educating them on what may be dangerous or inappropriate is all a part of child rearing.

Non-skid area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting are not only nice to look at but can provide a much safer floor surface for children than wood, tile, or linoleum flooring. As well as being less prone to slippage, carpet also provides some protection against fall injuries. Outdoor carpet often works best around children because it is made to withstand water so is easier to clean. It is also a bit more soundproof.

Leather upholstered furniture will last much better under the rigors of child activity than most covering materials. While a bit more expensive, it will make up for it in longevity. If you must fall back on cloth upholstery, try using slip covers over the furniture instead. That way, when accidents happen, all it takes is a quick removal and washing to be clean again.

As for tables and desks, it is almost a no brainer to mention that you should always provide rounded corners. Active children are much less likely to injure themselves against rounded corners than sharp pointed ones. Some coffee table tops are even cushioned for extra protection.

In the bathroom it is best not only for children but adults as well to use non-skid bathmats in the tub or shower. If you have a tile floor, it will help to add them to areas in front of sinks and cabinets also. Make sure shelves that hold towels and toiletries are placed low enough for children to reach so they don’t go climbing to get to them.

Just a little extra time looking at safety features while selecting colors and patterns will provide a home that is not only good looking but safe for everyone living there, young or old.

This post is written by Tom, who also writes for the best rated vacuum cleaners 2016 ratings blog.