Choosing The Perfect Coffee Table

Choosing The Perfect Coffee Table

Walking into a living room without a coffee table is like seeing a smile with the front teeth missing. The room just isn’t complete without this ubiquitous piece of furniture. The coffee table provides storage, utility, and a sense of style to your home. Finding the perfect coffee table to complete your living room decor requires some research.

SHAPE: The shape of your table can sometimes be determined by your lifestyle. Oval or round corner tables are great for children or older people so as to avoid sharp edges. A curved table fits well with sectional couches and provides more of a party mood. The rectangular box shape can be modified with drawers, shelving, or enclosed cupboard style storage spaces.

SIZE: Beyond the obvious choice to fit your room, one needs to consider the height of the table, 16″ to 18″ is a standard height but your table needs to be about 2″ lower than the seat. Also, if you entertain a lot, you may want to investigate a taller table for convenience of placing drinks on.

FUNCTION: Coffee tables have many uses. If it is mostly a decorative piece with a few books or what-nots, you can go for a light, airy look. If it is going to be used for storage of CD’s, DVD’s, books, guides, or even toys. you will want a much sturdier table. Some come with both open and closed shelving space. For the active young family, recessed cup holders can be a blessing. Since size and function are closely linked, always consider what you want of your table and how you will use it. Then you can get a better understanding of how it will relate to your couch.

MATERIALS: While wood offers a traditional elegance, both metal and glass, alone or in combination, can provide durability and a more modern look to the decor of your living room. Regardless of the materials used, be sure it is strong enough to take daily use. Since most coffee tables see some daily use, it is much better to use solid boards rather than particle board or plywood. Weaker materials will often split, crack, or break.

Use your imagination if you are crafting a unique coffee table for your home. So long as it serves your needs without clashing with your decor, the perfect coffee table will be an important hub around which you live and entertain.