Tips For A Vintage Home Decor

Tips For A Vintage Home Decor

One of the most popular styles of home decor right now is the vintage theme. This style encompasses both old time traditional elegance mixed with sometimes unusual and rustic furnishings. While this style can be costly, you can save by carefully choosing pieces that balance each other. The great joy found in the vintage style is that it easily becomes a totally unique look that is entirely yours.

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WALLPAPER: Since the vintage style is designed to draw the eye to a specific focal point to enhance the theme of your decor, the choice of wallpaper is very important. You can quite easily lay the foundation of your theme by backing up your furnishings with a patterned wallpaper, Whether floral, geometric, or even a discrete animal print, the wallpaper is a great way to insert color to the room and lay the foundation for all that it contains.

FURNITURE: While vintage style tends to give a rustic look to your home, it is most enhanced by exposed brickwork or even some wooden beams crossing the ceiling. If you are unlucky enough to have none of these elements in your home, you will have to improvise the look with such things as wooden bookshelves, wooden plaques, or even heavy wooden framed furnishings. Make sure to add subtle touches to the accessories around these pieces so they can stand out from the background. With the darker elements of wood, you will want to balance this with lots of light in the room.

MIRRORS: Mirrors are an essential part of the vintage style. Two types of mirror frames especially fit the vintage look. Depending on the rest of your furnishings, an elaborate heavy frame with lots of detailing and ornamentation or a simple frame of distressed wood or pale colors can fit right in. Be sure to place your mirrors where they will increase the light in the room.

ACCESSORIES: The subtle little touches you add to the room are what will make or break your decor. Anything from the color and texture of the fabric on the furniture to the lamp shades or even something as simple as the coffee or tea cups you use to serve guests with can add that perfect vintage look.

You do not have to know all of the elements right off. This design can evolve over time. it can be easily modified, added to or clashing items removed. Over time, yo can grow your vintage decor into an award-winning statement of your decorating expertise.

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Things To Remember For Quality Home Decor

Things To Remember For Quality Home Decor

Anyone who is trying to create a specific home decor should remember that you have to choose the furniture and accessories that fit within the theme they are building. Nothing throws off the consistency of a room’s design like a poorly chosen, out of place item. Just because you inherited your grandmother’s Victorian end tables does not mean you should include them in a living room with a modern design and furniture. A bold, daring look to a specific piece may still work wonders but something that clashes with the overall look must be avoided.

It should also be remembered that your theme and the furniture you choose to carry it off should also allow you to be comfortable in your home. Regardless of how “chic” your home decor is, if you can’t sit down and live in it, you have lost the point. The following tips should help you understand how best to bring it all together for beauty and comfort.

The Bedroom: Since this is the most intimate room in the house, furnishing it for comfort should be a top priority. If you have plenty of closet space, you can leave it open and airy with little need for more than a dresser, bed, and nightstand. If you must include a wardrobe or clothes rack within the visible space of a room, make sure it is coordinated with the rest of the furniture.

The Living Room: With the amount of time you spend here, both with family and friends, you should design the room to express your style and interests. Do not sacrifice utility or comfort for looks. You will need to be sure the furniture can withstand daily use and include those things that will best make you feel “at home” in your home.

The Kitchen: Despite the necessary appliances you need for a functional kitchen, there are many ways to accessorize to best effect in the kitchen. Sideboards, breakfast nook, shelving, or dish cupboard, all provide ways to construct a theme that enhances your kitchen’s utility without sacrificing style. With its practical side, a kitchen can be used to express a whimsical element to your life.

The Bathroom: Depending on the size of your bathroom, shelves, racks, or a vanity dresser can all add to the aesthetics of this room while softening the more practical aspects. Usually, light, bright colors are best in the bathroom as it is necessary to prepare yourself for the outside world.

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Wooden Decor Ideas

Inexpensive DIY Wooden Decor Ideas

A home is much more than just a building to live in. That house becomes a home when it becomes the sanctuary where you relax, entertain, raise a family, and find happiness within. It is in order to feel comfortable enough in your house to make it a home that the decor is so important.

With the decor of your home being so important to setting the tone you wish to present, careful thought should go into planning it. While there are many materials available for making furniture, wood has always been the go-to material for fine traditional furniture. Although wood can sometimes be expensive, there are options available that can cut the cost down to easily affordable levels. This option is to recycle various wood products into a do it yourself project to create your own unique furnishings.

Raw timber provides a number of advantages. It is readily available and generally inexpensive. Timber is easily adaptable to color change and is easy to work with. Plans and patterns for beautiful furniture products are readily available for sale so finding the right look for your furniture is also easy. Timber wood is rugged and long lasting so the investment can last a lifetime.

Another great place to find recyclable wood is in shipping pallets. They provide the wood to create shelves, storage cabinets, frames and other free standing items for your home. These pallets are even cheaper than new wood and depending on the country of origin, can be made of fine woods. With proper treatment, this wood can even be used for the primary living room furniture like couches and coffee tables.

Salvaging and reworking old wooden furniture pieces is another way to save money while personalizing your living space. An example would be turning an old wooden door into a new dinner table or end tables for your living room. While restoring the piece, it is easy to add unique personal touches to the work. New coloring or the addition of a shelf or storage space can bring about a deeply satisfying feeling about your work.

Even simple wooden planks can be incorporated into furniture in any room in your home. Plywood sheeting can be easily shaped and sanded to create nearly any look you can imagine. By using recovered and salvaged wood and doing the work yourself, your home will have a great unique look that can give you great pleasure through the pride of personal craftsmanship.

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Creating Stylish and Safe Home Decor for Children

Creating Stylish and Safe Home Decor for Children

When trying to develop a stylish home decor with children present, parents often settle more for child-safe furniture and accessories than what they might otherwise prefer. It is true that safety should come first but that does not mean you must sacrifice style. Rugged furniture does not have to be plain looking just to survive the activities of young children.

Child-safe homes do not need to resemble daycare centers or a playroom. There are many creative ways to include style into your home decor that will not endanger children. It just takes a little extra effort to find the right combination of style and safety. Also remember that children can learn and educating them on what may be dangerous or inappropriate is all a part of child rearing.

Non-skid area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting are not only nice to look at but can provide a much safer floor surface for children than wood, tile, or linoleum flooring. As well as being less prone to slippage, carpet also provides some protection against fall injuries. Outdoor carpet often works best around children because it is made to withstand water so is easier to clean. It is also a bit more soundproof.

Leather upholstered furniture will last much better under the rigors of child activity than most covering materials. While a bit more expensive, it will make up for it in longevity. If you must fall back on cloth upholstery, try using slip covers over the furniture instead. That way, when accidents happen, all it takes is a quick removal and washing to be clean again.

As for tables and desks, it is almost a no brainer to mention that you should always provide rounded corners. Active children are much less likely to injure themselves against rounded corners than sharp pointed ones. Some coffee table tops are even cushioned for extra protection.

In the bathroom it is best not only for children but adults as well to use non-skid bathmats in the tub or shower. If you have a tile floor, it will help to add them to areas in front of sinks and cabinets also. Make sure shelves that hold towels and toiletries are placed low enough for children to reach so they don’t go climbing to get to them.

Just a little extra time looking at safety features while selecting colors and patterns will provide a home that is not only good looking but safe for everyone living there, young or old.

This post is written by Tom, who also writes for the best rated vacuum cleaners 2016 ratings blog.

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Easy and Colorful Rooster Home Decor

Easy and Colorful Rooster Home Decor

Of all the farm related home decor ideas, the image of the rooster is by far the most popular. Whether it is for the sake of nostalgia or because of the multitude of options available, this casual symbol of the dawn and new beginnings can easily add a colorful focal point to your home, especially your kitchen.

The rooster motif is most commonly found in homes that maintain a rustic, country look throughout the house, but even in more traditional homes, the choices available make it easy to turn the kitchen area into a colorful place to be. The brightness of the rooster motif can create a casual feeling in otherwise somber house decoration.
The rooster can be used sparingly to brighten up even the darkest room.

The most common aspects of rooster decor include figurines, wall art, wallpapers, or curtains. For the home decorator installing the rooster motif the options are almost endless. Kitchen cannisters, dishes,  appliances, furniture, and accessories can all be found that are emblazoned with roosters. Novelty items like salt and pepper shakers, pot holders, rugs, place mats and more are made in the design and colorful brilliance of roosters so that creating a unique look for your kitchen can be easily obtained.

In the bathroom, the rooster motif can be created almost as easily as in the kitchen. Nearly everything in the bathroom, from shower curtains and towels to soap and toothbrush holders are created in the rooster shape. This vibrant color helps brighten up even small bathrooms and creates a casual, friendly feeling in any room.

Even in other areas of the home, a well-framed piece of rooster artwork can carry the theme throughout. As well as the color splash it adds, the rooster can carry a warm and welcoming image to make your home feel more friendly and bright. It must be remembered that rooster decor is casual. The light-hearted rustic image is intended to put you and your guests at ease.

There are even options within rooster decor. One can choose to take a whimsical approach and accessorize with cartoon-like rooster art and figurines or go for a more realistic look and artwork done accordingly. The major thing to watch out for is to not mix them up so as to avoid any clash the two rooster styles may make in the flow of your home’s decor.

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Choosing The Perfect Coffee Table

Choosing The Perfect Coffee Table

Walking into a living room without a coffee table is like seeing a smile with the front teeth missing. The room just isn’t complete without this ubiquitous piece of furniture. The coffee table provides storage, utility, and a sense of style to your home. Finding the perfect coffee table to complete your living room decor requires some research.

SHAPE: The shape of your table can sometimes be determined by your lifestyle. Oval or round corner tables are great for children or older people so as to avoid sharp edges. A curved table fits well with sectional couches and provides more of a party mood. The rectangular box shape can be modified with drawers, shelving, or enclosed cupboard style storage spaces.

SIZE: Beyond the obvious choice to fit your room, one needs to consider the height of the table, 16″ to 18″ is a standard height but your table needs to be about 2″ lower than the seat. Also, if you entertain a lot, you may want to investigate a taller table for convenience of placing drinks on.

FUNCTION: Coffee tables have many uses. If it is mostly a decorative piece with a few books or what-nots, you can go for a light, airy look. If it is going to be used for storage of CD’s, DVD’s, books, guides, or even toys. you will want a much sturdier table. Some come with both open and closed shelving space. For the active young family, recessed cup holders can be a blessing. Since size and function are closely linked, always consider what you want of your table and how you will use it. Then you can get a better understanding of how it will relate to your couch.

MATERIALS: While wood offers a traditional elegance, both metal and glass, alone or in combination, can provide durability and a more modern look to the decor of your living room. Regardless of the materials used, be sure it is strong enough to take daily use. Since most coffee tables see some daily use, it is much better to use solid boards rather than particle board or plywood. Weaker materials will often split, crack, or break.

Use your imagination if you are crafting a unique coffee table for your home. So long as it serves your needs without clashing with your decor, the perfect coffee table will be an important hub around which you live and entertain.

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Popular Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Popular Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

First thing to address here is: Just what is a Modular Kitchen? A modular kitchen is a kitchen that is designed to to be more efficient and has all the amenities and appliances to make kitchen work and cooking a more pleasurable experience.

The list of appliances that are typical to a modular kitchen are as follows: dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer unit, flat top stove range with a smoke chimney and splatter guard to prevent smoke and grease damage to walls and ceiling from cooking. A microwave and slow cooker/roaster convection oven…amongst other items…that the home owner may wish to add into the design.

The microwave and slow cooker/roaster ovens are quite often attached to the underside of upper cupboards to save counter space and the flat top stove is designed for ease of cleaning without all the hassle of  burners having grease and liquids from cooking falling down into the traditional types of stove top burners and causing grease fires or having nasty buildup down underneath the stove top.

Often the modular kitchen will have an “island” which is a counter-top in the middle of the kitchen where the dishwasher is often housed.  It is also used as an additional work space or as a place for a single person, couple or a couple of friends to use as a table top for meals or just coffee and a chat.

The cabinets are usually designed to have pullout shelving for food and cooking pot and pans as well sliding partitions designed to hang utensils, such as ladles, large spoons, spatulas, etc. on hooks for ease of access and storage.

The refrigerator/freezer is often a side by side design with larger shelving and storage space in both the doors and main areas.  Often the fridge/freezer is nestled into a nook of a specially designed cabinet/drawer storage unit with the same sort of pull out shelving for storing various types of non-perishable foods and canned goods.

Finally, depending on personal preference, many modular kitchens will also have a type of coffee or tea maker installed beneath the upper cabinets in the same manner as the microwave and slow cooker/roaster convection ovens in order to save counter space and create a pleasing and over-all finished appearance to the entire kitchen.

For many people a modular kitchen is the ultimate in easy upkeep and beauty.  It gives a kitchen a sense of refinement and years of enjoyment.

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The Importance of the Proper Picture Frame

The Importance of the Proper Picture Frame

It is an undeniable fact that a person’s home decor reflects their inner personality. Regardless of whether it is a simple, aesthetic motif, an artistic display, or even a bizarre and outlandish decor, it does reveal the inner you. There is nowhere better than in the artwork you display to express your favorite aspects of life. But still, without a proper frame, these important images cannot be revealed in their best light.

Regardless of whether your picture is hung on the wall or placed on your desk or dresser, a poorly framed picture diminishes the personal statement you are making by its inclusion in the room’s décor.

Take the example of an original painting or maybe the photograph of an important life-changing event. Which frame best shows it’s worth to you; a cheap plastic frame or a wooden, carved frame to outline and highlight it? Obviously, a unique or outstanding frame will convey the worth of the picture better than some mass-produced picture holder that looks the same as a thousand others in the neighborhood.

A custom frame can be any size. It can be a stand-alone picture or be a joined grouping of several differently sized frames that hold a grouping of related topics.

An excellent way to show how important your pictures are is to invest some time, thought, and money in designing and creating a custom picture frame. Whether you go to a professional frame shop or have the talent and means to create your own, be sure that your design fits with the overall theme of your home’s decor. However fancy, if the frame ultimately clashes with the room, you will lose the element of importance and diminish the effect.

Be sure to get the size, color, and thickness to fit with other pieces of furniture in the room. The most common method of balancing colors is through the matting around the picture.

Forgoing the earlier mentioned cheap plastic, the preferred materials for picture frames are metal and wood. Both can be colored any way needed to compliment the picture within and the room decor without. As for ornamentation, metal can be etched and wood can be carved. These decorations also need to balanced as to size considering the total frame size.

Now is the time to take a new look at your pictures and try to revitalize your home environment by giving your important images an enhanced place in your view.

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Light - The Unseen Element in Home Decor

Light – The Unseen Element in Home Decor

All too often people forget to take light into consideration when designing a new home decor motif. While we cannot see light, we could see nothing without it! Increasingly, modern home improvement patterns are beginning to use light and its importance as a central element in making their plans for interior design work. Rather than just an overhead and a few lamps, the various methods of lighting are being incorporated to create dramatic effects.

The use of light to create specific moods is becoming an art form in interior design. While lighting needs to be functional, aspects of lighting are being used in places and in ways never before seen. Recessed lighting especially, while not in any way new, is being used so much more these days that it is beginning to outstrip other forms in interior design and exterior as well since it is increasingly used as a patio highlight.

Recessed lighting has become very popular. Not only is it being used to spotlight central objects in a room’s decor, but is also beginning to find it’s way onto the patio for a softer, less direct light source. Shown against a wall, recessed lighting provides more of a glow than a spot and gives a softer look to smooth over hard lines in furniture shelving, and accessories.

As accent lighting, recessed lights focus on the desired objects in a room without throwing everything else into shadow. Under cabinet lighting also gives a pleasant, indirect light that can be used for effect in your home decor.

Ceiling lighting comes in a number of varieties as well. Chandeliers provide options from a multitude of small lights to cast a diffuse glow to hanging prisms to reflect and refract the light into glistening points. Even a single hanging bulb light can be surrounded by a frosted glass shade that eliminates the glare potential from the bulb. Lamps run the gambit from standard sit-on-the-end table light sources to wall mounted spots that illuminate a favorite reading chair or breakfast nook. Coupled with a suitable shade, lamps can be interesting bits of the decor all on their own.

When planning your next home redecorating, take time to view the options at home improvement websites and let your imagination loose. Compare what is available with the furnishings and accessories of the room and you will be able to find ingenious ways to make that unseen light expose the full beauty of your personal space.

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Simple Home Redecorating Tips

Simple Home Redecorating Tips

Redecorating your home does not have to be an expensive, time consuming trial. Sometimes a room can be renewed by simply replacing one piece of furniture and rearranging it all into a new configuration. Sometimes just new paint or wallpaper and a change of curtains or drapes can give new life and feeling to a room. There are a few areas where a small change can give huge benefits.

BOLD PRINTS: Often a room can be enlivened with the careful addition of some bold colors and fabrics. These can take place in the wallpaper, in framed pictures, or in the addition of a chair. Even otherwise neutral colored furniture like a couch can be emboldened with a few black and white printed cushions so that a color clash doesn’t occur.

MIRRORS: Mirrors can enhance the beauty and depth of any room in your house. Whether in a living room, hallway, bedroom, den, or even kitchen, a well-placed mirror can lend itself to more light and even the illusion of greater space. Making sure the frame is complimentary to the rest of the room’s decor can provide the perfect accent.

CURTAINS: Another inexpensive way to give an entirely new look to a room is to replace old curtains or drapes with newer, more modern looking window dressing. Replacing one type of window treatment with a different one, such as drapes replaced by curtains, will instantly provide a new look. Even small windows can be given the illusion of greater size by covering them with over-sized curtains, thus making it seem the whole window is actually just the lower half of a much larger aperture.

LIGHTS: Just by adding a few specialized lights to throw spots of brightness on certain aspects of the room can also make it look very different. Tube lights behind furniture can give a soft glow. Spots on artwork or the window curtains can highlight central elements of the decor. By adding a dimmer switch to the lights of a room you can control the ambiance depending on mood or time of day.

Browsing home decor sites online can provide a wealth of ideas for turning your home into a personal masterpiece. Redecorating can be both fun and inexpensive by trying to find small ways to change the look. It can be a fulfilling exercise to find new accessories or arrangements that make your rooms seem new and fresh.

Article provided by Michael, who also writes for the best microwave ovens 2016 blog!

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